Lean Frontiers: Are they differences in getting middle management on board from getting executive management support?
Are there differences in getting middle management from executive management on board for 1) developing the lean enterprise and 2) direct engagement on their part? What are the differences, if any?
Posted on 9 mai 2015
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Dennis Sherwood

Denis Sherwood: How would you develop innovation from lean and vice-versa?

By Dennis Sherwood, - Last updated: mardi, mai 11, 2010
I ran an innovation event with a manufacturer of pumps a couple of weeks ago, which went very well, with a huge number of powerful ideas. This organization is a devotee of lean, and although there is a very large overlap between lean and innovation, it’s often hard to see how to exploit this in practice: how would you practically develop innovation through lean and vice versa?

Dennis Sherwood: what could be the 4 laws of “organodynamics”?

By , - Last updated: vendredi, mars 12, 2010
If thermodynamics is the science of getting useful work out of engines, then surely organodynamics is the science of getting useful work out of organisations. Thermodynamics is based on three laws (or according to some purists, four): what three (or four!) laws of organodynamics would you suggest?
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