Lean Frontiers: Are they differences in getting middle management on board from getting executive management support?
Are there differences in getting middle management from executive management on board for 1) developing the lean enterprise and 2) direct engagement on their part? What are the differences, if any?
Posted on 9 mai 2015
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Mark Graban

Mark Graban: hiring inexperienced employees for the Kaizen Promotion Office is a recipe for failure

By Mark Graban, - Last updated: dimanche, novembre 9, 2014
The other posts answering this question have made me reflect a bit on a troubling trend in healthcare: hospitals far too often filling their KPOs (or process improvement departments) with very inexperienced employees. They are often inexperienced with or brand new to Lean and/or they are also new to healthcare. I'll go out on a limb and say that this is a recipe for failure. What NOT to do is to put your youngest, most inexperienced people into a KPO. I don't see how a KPO member can effectively teach and mentor others if they have no experience with Lean or ...

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Joel Stanwood

Joel Stanwood: Key competencies to hire a team leader for the Kaizen Promotion Office?

By Joel Stanwood, - Last updated: dimanche, novembre 9, 2014
What would you say the most pertinent competencies are for a team member to be promoted to join an internal Lean team (Kaizen Promotion Office) whose responsibility is training and facilitating Kaizen?
Jeff Liker

Jeff Liker: Develop deep capability, don’t assign people to jobs in an office

By Jeff Liker, - Last updated: vendredi, janvier 4, 2013
It is always difficult to add value when I wait until someone else has answered on the lean edge, particularly someone with the thoughtfulness and eloquence of Steve Spear.  I could simply say:  "I agree," but I will add a few thoughts.  Steve talks about the two alternative purposes which I will summarize as quick and dirty one-off projects compared to creating a high performance learning organization.  Few executives are interested in spending lots of time and money to be mediocre, but in fact that is exactly what they end up doing.  So ...

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