Lean Frontiers: Are they differences in getting middle management on board from getting executive management support?
Are there differences in getting middle management from executive management on board for 1) developing the lean enterprise and 2) direct engagement on their part? What are the differences, if any?
Posted on 9 mai 2015
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Jeff Liker

Dan Jones: Never Waste a Good Crisis

By Jeff Liker, - Last updated: vendredi, février 24, 2012
Falling sales always provokes deeper thinking about what it talks to survive. The starting point is to define the business problem behind these falling sales. Structural shifts often coincide with cyclical downturns of the economy. For instance in the USA health insurance companies are now switching their patients to local district hospitals charging much lower rates. Big expensive teaching hospitals are struggling to adjust to this structural change, which is happening much faster than expected and is unlikely to be reversed. In the UK big cuts in public sector budgets are having a dramatic and lasting effect on public procurement ...

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Mike Rother

Rob Austin: how do we assuage fear of cost-cutting in times of crisis?

By Mike Rother, - Last updated: dimanche, décembre 6, 2009
As exciting as the lean ideas are, there's a concern a person might have that starts with the name: Lean.  As in "lean and mean" or as in "cut your staff by half to make your operations leaner." How do you keep lean initiatives from being bushwhacked by the cost cutting crowd, especially in today's down economy? This is not an abstract worry. I've seen some so-called "lean" initiatives that looked suspiciously like cost cutting to get an organization ready for sale or spin off. How do you keep a program called "lean" from being (or perhaps becoming, step by step, ...

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