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Jeff Liker

Jeff Liker: Develop deep capability, don’t assign people to jobs in an office

By Jeff Liker, - Last updated: vendredi, janvier 4, 2013 - Save & Share - Leave a comment
It is always difficult to add value when I wait until someone else has answered on the lean edge, particularly someone with the thoughtfulness and eloquence of Steve Spear.  I could simply say:  “I agree,” but I will add a few thoughts.  Steve talks about the two alternative purposes which I will summarize as quick and dirty one-off projects compared to creating a high performance learning organization.  Few executives are interested in spending lots of time and money to be mediocre, but in fact that is exactly what they end up doing.  So if you want to be part of the few who actually work toward exceptional performance you need to take the longer, harder, and more patient approach.  It requires longer time horizons and more patience because the goal is to change the way of thinking of leaders throughout the organization who need to change through deliberate practice and coaching.  The KPO then becomes the home of the master trainers (coaches) and, like OMCD, can become a temporary stopping point for apprentices in training.  The lean coaches must themselves have a high level of mastery in order to coach others so the number of people in the KPO will be limited by how many of these people you can hire-develop.  Really good ones are in short supply and it takes years to develop them–some would argue 5-10 years so it is a long-term process.  What you are doing is developing capability, not assigning people to jobs in an office.

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