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Samuel Obara

Sammy Obara: A good leader will show the way, a lean leader will have the follower find it

By Samuel Obara, - Last updated: jeudi, mars 29, 2012 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

I think the ability to influence other people and the skills needed to do so
would be somewhat similar to both types of leaders, provided they are both
good leaders.

Perhaps a distinguishing trait between the two leaders can be perceived by
observing how they interact with their followers.    While the lean leader
will frequently challenge their followers beliefs and paradigms, the good
traditional one will put a lot of weight in the praise and motivation.
Maybe implicit in the lean leader’s approach is the opportunity to learn and
develop the thinking.  A good leader will show the way, a lean leader will
have the follower find it.

In the results department, I think they differ quite a bit in the sense a
lean leader would be much more concerned in the PDCA and long term thinking.
This means continuously adjusting the process to reach good results.   The
very good non-lean leader would sacrifice learning and the process in favor
of obtaining the results soon.
While both leaders may end up getting the same results some times, chances
are the lean one will be able to sustain and pursue continuous improvement.
The traditional one may end up in the repetitive improvement mode.

My first sensei in Toyota always seemed to be forcing me into making
mistakes.  At first I just thought he wouldn’t know any better, he was
learning with me or he would simply not care.  In some rare occasions he
would stop me before I made a mistake.  My conclusion was that he would be
watching over my shoulder to let me learn without getting too hurt or
without hurting the company too much.

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