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Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis: How do we continue to learn after current leaders move on?

By Pascal Dennis, - Last updated: jeudi, novembre 10, 2011 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

Good insights from Steve, Mike et al — thanks.

Here are my thoughts, for posting.

How Does Lean Survive a Change in Top Management?

Succession planning is indeed the key, but perhaps not in the conventional

As Mike suggest Lean thinking entails meta-cognition.

Meta-cognition entails ‘knowing about knowing’ and answering questions like:

How do I learn?

What do I know?

What do I know well?

What do I not know very well?

Great leaders tend to know themselves thereby, and can make conscious

(The Lean Business System is fundamentally about wakefulness.)

Leaders need to ask these questions of their organization:

How do we learn best?

What do we currently know, and not know, well?

Most important question for leaders:

How do I ensure that we’ll continue to learn, after our current leaders
retire or move on?

A tough one, to be sure.

The late, great Steve Jobs thought about it a great deal.

Sounds like Apple University is his posthumous attempt to perpetuate the
Apple Way



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