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Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis: Engaging the public sector in improvement is vital to the national interest

By Pascal Dennis, - Last updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

Like Art, I’ve found government to be the most challenging environment for
Lean thinking.

Root cause: the customer usually has no alternative provider & therefore can
be ignored — (sadly, but more or less safely).

In my experience, government workers span the gamut of capability &

Some are terrific & would excel in any environment.

Others simply don’t care.  The attitude of the latter seems to be, “Where
you gonna go…?”

But engaging the public sector in improvement is vital to the national

It’s a big competitive advantage, in fact.

Greece exemplifies the effect of a vast, disengaged public sector.

(Who is going to invest in Greece?)  But Greece is not alone.

This month’s Atlantic magazine has a fine case study of the challenges &
opportunities the public sector presents.

Joel Klein describes his travails as head of New York City’s public schools
under Mayor Bloomberg.

Some wins, some losses — and decades worth of work to go.



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