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Lean Summit 2010 – 2nd & 3rd November

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Dear Lean Edge Reader,

Join us at my next Lean Summit to debate how we take lean into the Executive Office, how we can create a management system for end-to-end value streams and how we can unlock big gains in service delivery organisations, including healthcare. A combination of pioneering examples, inspiring stories and ample opportunities for discussion make this a unique opportunity to push forward the frontiers of lean thinking. Be prepared to be stunned by the amazing story of how a former colleague on IMVP, Anthony Sheriff McLaren has built a new car and car company from scratch using lean principles – watch out Ferrari! Full details at www.leanuk.org.

See you there.

Daniel T Jones

Chairman, Lean Enterprise Academy, UK

Email: Dan@leanuk.org Tel: + 44 (0)1600 890590   Web: www.leanuk.org

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