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Samuel Obara

Sammy Obara: visualize normal from abnormal and target problem solving

By Samuel Obara, - Last updated: lundi, octobre 20, 2014 - Save & Share - Leave a comment
I agree and think that there may be subtle differences (or similarities)
between visual control and visual management.    
But the second question on floor management development system and its role,
can be better explained by what Toyota calls the 4 phases of FMDS.  
Visual Management is the entirety of phase 3: Visualization of abnormalities
and target problem solving.   The official name for phase 3 is just “Visual
Management”.    This is the only phase with laser sharp focus, and straight
and to the point title.  
The other phases sound a bit more superficial in their description:   1)
FMDS intro to create awareness, 2) Shop Readiness to reaffirm shop pride (in
Toyota’s words), and 4) Utilization by teaching GLs and AMs.
Maybe this is an indication of how important the Visual Management principle
is for the FMDS.

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