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Jean Cunningham

Jean Cunningham: It must feel lonely at the top!

By Jean Cunningham, - Last updated: dimanche, juillet 6, 2014 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

It must feel lonely at the top. If we approach this as a lean problem, then let’s work on that gap. He feels alone and wants other people related to the organization to be with him. Let’s consider many supporters as the desired state. Let’s consider getting such great results that the question of “how” never arises as the desired state.

Using 5 Why’s, we can begin to attack both questions: 1) why does he not have more supporters of the methodologies (that he believes in) and 2) why is the performance not great enough to stand alone? Create a Ishekarwa chart for both questions focusing on Person, Machine, Methods,and Materials. We can only guess what will be found but some elements that I would surmise he will find are:

Results gap:
1. Sales not growing
2. Profit not growing
3. Adding people as fast as growth rate
4. Quality issues
5. Delivery problems
6. Rework at high levels

Support Gap

Results not obvious
Benefits not widely communicated
Allows his direct reports to not participate
His direct reports not fully engaged
No leader standard work
No visual management
Limited internal movement of jobs across functional silos
Weak training and development
Does not share financial results
A few zealots
No physical realignment
Leaders spend too much time outside the team versus inside the team

I think we can trust what we know works to solve this problem.

Great question!

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