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Jon Miller

Jon Miller: From whom do you wish to learn?

By Jon Miller, - Last updated: jeudi, mai 1, 2014 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

In lean we have a credentialing problem. At least in the United States, practically anyone can become a lean author, expert or consultant. Ironically, lean lacks good standards for credentialing.

This problem has been covered up by the vast amount of low-hanging fruit that it is easy to hang up a lean shingle not fail too badly for a while. Enduring success on the lean journey however, the scientifically unverified advice goes, requires guidance by a sensei.

If we strip the word sensei of its unnecessary mystique, it means “teacher”. The role of the teacher is to help the student learn and grow.

As children, our teachers are assigned to us during the years of legally mandated schooling. As adults, we have the opportunity to choose our teachers.

Choose your teachers from among those people from whom you wish to learn, rather than choosing from those who self-identify as sensei.

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