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Jon Miller

Jon Miller: Get a good diagnosis

By Jon Miller, - Last updated: dimanche, février 9, 2014 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

“How do I start with lean?” Loaded question. If you were a doctor and a new patient walked in and asked, “How do I get healthy?” what would you answer?

Free advice has consequences. Pay to be asked some good questions. The might include…

How will you be able to recognize lean culture?
Why does your management want a lean culture?
What behaviors does the management recognize today as non-lean?
What level of personal commitment does the leadership team have for this (to do, not just fund and delegate)?
How will customers sense that you are becoming lean?
How will customers reward you for being lean?
What is the urgency to show results from lean?
How comfortable is your leadership team with failing in order to learn?
How comfortable is your organization with ambiguity?

Unless you are already skilled at diagnostics, seek a 2nd and 3rd opinion before accepting a prescription. Do no harm.

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