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Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis: People feel good when work we sent away starts coming back

By Pascal Dennis, - Last updated: mardi, novembre 12, 2013 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

Splendid answers, Steve, Jeff, Sammy and Jean.

I’d simply add the following.

The implicit deal between Lean companies & their employees is something like

“You do the work that needs doing, & help us to improve, and we’ll give you
job security, continuous learning & challenge.”

As we get better, we free up human & machine time, floor space, capital
etc., which all adds up to more capacity.

We are able to do more with less.

How do we deal with this extra capacity?

Do we ‘cash in’ by down-sizing? If so, the high speed problem solving &
learning Steve and Jeff describe, is likely to slow sharply & may even stop.

Or do we seek new business and/or in-source work?

In my experience, the latter approach can send a powerful, affirmative
message to team members, especially if they’ve experienced traumatic
down-sizing in the past.

Of course, decisions on what to in-source must be informed by the factors
Steve, Jeff, Sammy & Jean described.

But people feel good when work we sent away starts coming back.

Best regards,


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