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Jean Cunningham

Jean Cunningham: Start Local!

By Jean Cunningham, - Last updated: vendredi, juin 28, 2013 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

Start local! There will be plenty of waste and opportunity for
improvement without the burden of tying it all together. The core change
for the culture is totally unrelated to full global value stream
integration. Learn how to listen to the voice of the customer. Learn how
to identify the work that you do that your customers so not care about
(waste). Learn how to use defects as way to see what can be improved.
Learn how to make work visual. Learn how to work across functional line as
you focus on processes. Learn how to evaluate demand. This will take a
couple of years just to start your learning. As you are learning however,
immense capacity will be available, opportunity will be easier to see, and
the thirst to work beyond functions and geographies will naturally evolve.

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