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Samuel Obara

Sammy Obara: Getting all the stakeholders involved to agree on the destination

By Samuel Obara, - Last updated: mardi, avril 30, 2013 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

As a resource, I would suggest the book Getting the Right Things Done, by
Pascal Dennis, or the Hoshin articles by Darril Wilburn.

A common theme on those resources indicates that there is one tricky and
sometimes difficult to accomplish element of Hoshin Kanri. And that is
the early step of bringing all the “liars” to the room (at the same time).
Even when that is possible, the job is far from done.

I recently facilitated a smaller scale PDCA (Hoshin is a PDCA in larger
scale in my view) with the executive team of a multi billion dollar
company. Although that same team met for monthly meetings, surprisingly
enough, there were constant signs of misalignment. They would all know
who their top competitors were, OK. But digging any deeper, they all
realized that each of them had their own interpretation of the current

Some examples: when asked why customers would buy from competitors, some
justified that competitor 1 offered better cost. A few others disagreed.
Others showed that competitor 2 had better deliveries, many disagreed.
Their perceptions diverged in other areas including quality, customer
service, long term deals, name recognition, regional market presence, etc.

Bringing all this back to the original question, how can a leadership team
plan and establish the road map from point A to point B, if each member
thinks point A is in a different location? Shouldn’t leadership be able
to precisely establish point B so they can get the right things done?

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