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Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis: We can have both pressure and mutual trust

By Pascal Dennis, - Last updated: vendredi, avril 12, 2013 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

Visual management, within or outside of the factory, does indeed put pressure on workers.

That’s life.  Achievement requires commitment, which entails pressure.

If there’s mutual trust and an explicit understanding between workplace parties — no problem.

The deal goes something like this:

Management: “We’ll invest in your knowledge and capability.  We’ll make you as marketable as possible.  We’ll treat you with respect and share the bounty.”

Workers: “We’ll help the Company succeed financially.  We’ll show up for work and work to standardized work.  If we can’t, we’ll raise our hands and signal problems.

We’ll be flexible and do the work that needs doing.  We’ll help the Company improve whenever we can.”

It’s been my good fortune to work with a number of companies where this understanding exists.  (Many are in northern Europe.)

Is there a toxic level of mistrust between Management and Unions in some French companies?  Are there dysfunctional mental models feeding this mistrust?

(I defer to our French colleagues & friends.)

Absent the understanding described above, sustained improvement is difficult to achieve.

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