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Pascal Dennis

Pascal Dennis: Aim For Delightful Value

By Pascal Dennis, - Last updated: lundi, janvier 3, 2011 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

We need to reflect on Value, at least as much as we do on Waste.

The latter is comparatively easy to see on a manufacturing floor.

“Look, there’s a week’s worth of WIP in Final Assembly.  There are 25
scratched units at the Primer line.  Line 6 is down for 20 minutes because
of a part out…”

Waste is somewhat harder to see in, say, a design studio, but with good
visual management we can make it visible.

“Look at our design funnel — we have 20 Designs in Process at Stage 1 but
our max level is 10.  And we just released 3 months worth of drawings even
though our engineers can only process a week’s worth at a time…”  And so

Value is harder to define and harder to see.  Kano’s model continues to be

Kano-san taught us that Value has three dimensions:

1) Expected — “When I turn the key, my car starts…”

2) Prescribed (more is better) — e.g. “Hey, I got more features at the same
price — and they delivered it a few days early.”, and

3) Delightful value — “Holy cow — this car repairs itself! How’d they do

Long term prosperity & achievement is greatly determined by how well we
provide Delightful value — which entails understanding the mind of the

And that requires developing intuition by playing with stuff, going to see
repeatedly and then goofing around some more.

Are all these Type 2 waste?  Who cares?

Walt Disney paid his animators to study at CalArt (during the
Depression…).  He’d brought deer and fauns into the studio to help them
draw wildlife better.

Walt had his eye on Delightful value, and his legacy speaks for itself.

In fact, he coined a lovely term that described his process: Imagineering

To Jeff’s point, if we take a mechanical approach, we’ll get mechanical

We may get pretty good at expected and prescribed value, but we’ll never
make Pinocchio — or design an Ipad.

So…wise organizations develop their employees’ ability to create all three
kinds of Value.

And they seek to create an atmosphere of play & possibility where Delightful
value becomes possible.

Are customers willing to pay Apple’s engineers to goof around with stuff?

Let’s reformulate the questions: Are customers willing to pay a premium for
the Mac, MacPro, Ipod, Iphone & Ipad?

The answer is clear.

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