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Joel Stanwood

Joel Stanwood: How should we take Lean into Product Development?

By Joel Stanwood, - Last updated: lundi, février 18, 2013 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

A consumer-products company has recently begun its Lean journey by focusing on Lean fundamentals starting on the shop floor (standard work, 1-piece flow, pull, work to Takt).  The company is simultaneously refreshing its product portfolio.  Although the cross-functional New Product Development (“NPD”) team members may have little experience working in a Lean environment, the team nevertheless desires to (1) deploy rapid NPD processes and (2) prioritize its product pipeline to take full advantage of its budding Lean capabilities.  For example, the team believes it should put higher weight on products most relevant to customers who will benefit from (and pay for) its improved service and quality levels.  If you were coaching this NPD team, what advice would you provide?  What Lean tools / resources / would you recommend?

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