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Mark Graban

Mark Graban: Lean is about continuous improvement and respect for people

By Mark Graban, - Last updated: lundi, novembre 22, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

As helpful as Wikipedia can be, it’s also not the definitive source on many topics. In this case, the description of “Lean” is sorely lacking the people element. Lean and the Toyota Way are about both “continuous improvement” and “respect for people.” Taiichi Ohno wrote that these were “equally important pillars.” Equally important – let’s emphasize that.

Too many organizations focus on just the “continuous improvement” piece, even if “continuous” means a series of infrequent kaizen events to them. We have to focus, also, on the people side of things. One could argue if you focus ONLY on the people side, then continuous improvement will follow. Thankfully, the best organizations (including hospitals) are focusing on both pillars.

We can also think about how Lean is about providing value – the right value and sometimes more value to the customer. This is very different than the idea of just eliminating wasteful activities.

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