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Tom Johnson: Lean as a shared vision

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If people resist overtures to adopt lean, the first thing to do is ask “why?”  Ask them to define what lean means to them. Get them to specify the purpose that they think lean fulfills.  Then ask them to define what they now do and the purpose it fulfills.  If they believe that the purposes of lean and of what they now do are different, why?  If the purposes are the same, which approach do they think is the better one to achieve that purpose?  Why?  If they think lean might be a better approach, what keeps them from adopting it?  Ask them what they would do to remove those barriers to lean.  If one goes through these steps with care and patience, then I believe everyone in the organization will end up with a deeper appreciation of  lean as a shared vision.  Moreover, lean will more likely become an intrinsic part of all work in the organization, not just another program to be implemented alongside “business as usual.”

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