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“The Remedy”

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The Remedy — Bringing Lean Out of the Factory to Transform the Entire Organization by Pascal Dennis

What’s The Remedy About?
The Remedy is a business novel about a major auto company in free fall. Taylor Motors is bankrupt and subsisting on government handouts. To survive they need to prove they can manage in a different way.
So SVP Rachel Armstrong enlists Tom Papas, the hero of Andy & Me (Productivity Press 2005), and asks him to transform not just an auto factory — but an entire platform, a new environmental car Taylor Motors is counting on. So Tom enlists the help of his mentor, Andy Saito, reclusive ex-Toyota executive. The Remedy is about their adventures.

Why Did You Set the Book Outside the Factory?
Because that’s where the opportunity lies — in Sales, Marketing, Design, Engineering, Planning, Human Resources, Distribution and so on. Waste is waste — and much harder to see, let alone fix, upstream and downstream of the factory. The obstacles to Lean thinking are even greater — as are the potential benefits.

Why a Novel?
I like stories and story-telling is fundamental element of Lean thinking. Strategy is story-telling, as is A3 Thinking, and problem solving in general. If you can condense a complex problem or strategy to an interesting one-page story, you probably understand it.

Why All the Doodles?
The protagonist uses doodles to help him understand what he’s learning. I love doodles. If you can draw out a complex story or idea, then maybe you understand it. At the best Lean companies you see doodles everywhere.

For more on The Remedy please see our YouTube video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEyEaHr330I

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