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Jean Cunningham

Jean Cunningham: Flow works for marketing as well

By Jean Cunningham, - Last updated: dimanche, juillet 11, 2010 - Save & Share - Leave a comment

What could be worse than developing a great marketing plan with a very
timely message, then spending all your time pushing the project through the
company,only to find the key dates slipping by and ultimately missing the
opportunity? To compensate, we plan the new marketing approaches months and
months in advance and the message is not integrated with other selling
activities.  What if instead you could have a cross functional meeting of
all the key contributors to look at the existing process for delivering a
marketing program, eliminate steps in the process that are not adding value
to delivering the message, and reduce the time from concept to delivery to
half or less of the prior time.  This is exactly what lean flow thinking is
about.  And when the process is developed so that you use the same process
over and over each time for you regularly scheduled updates to the marketing
programs, the time gets even faster, the quality higher, and the fresh
message to the customer drives growth.  (And oh by the way, with this growth
and the lean efforts in the rest of the company, you can meet these higher
sales with your existing people driving profits to the bottom line.) Over
time, the organization begins to really see the marketing plans not just as
an expense, a “oh what do those marketing guys want now” to a growth and
profit driver.

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